Primer, Cookies, Kidneys, & A Nose

I just got back from a camping trip for a week.  While I was gone, Sr. Management & one of our neighbors continued priming the jPod (see Body:External).  While I was gone, I tested out the Camp Chef Camp Oven.

Nathan and I made Tea on the stove top while baking cinnamon rolls & gluten free cookies.  It was about 33 degrees outside and I think the cold air affected the draw on the Oven.  It is supposed to max out at 400 degrees but we only managed to get it to 325 in our cold weather.  That wasn’t a problem.  We simply extended our baking time.  It was nice to also note that the oven temp. didn’t change when we used the stove top at the same time we were baking. (photos below)

I was hoping to get more done on the jPod this week but I’ve been in bed with an E. coli infection in my kidneys & a broken nose.  The camping trip was THAT good!

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