Mark Janke


Much has happened since my last post.  However, almost all of what has happened does not involve the jPod.  The life of a teacher has overcome me like an ocean wave and I haven’t been able to work on the jPod. Senior Management has done some work on it though.  She filled all of the

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Since my career has picked up again with the start of a new school year, most of my time has been devoted to preparing to teach my classes again.  I have also received a shot to help me with my allergies which is mildly helpful (at least it makes it less likely that I’ll suffocate). 

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Rated R

Yesterday, I wired the cabin of the jPod.  Then Nathan (a good friend and faithful reader of this blog) and I insulated it with 1″ insulation.  The R values of the insulation dropped the temperature in the cabin considerably. In our discussion, we determined the best physical places for various electrical components.  I am going

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